Friday, April 23, 2010

All In The Family

I was immediately drawn to this ad campaign, then I found out it was shot by Juergen Teller, so no wonder I had such a deep attraction.  I think it is so wonderful and sentimental that the Missoni family let us into their beautiful world. These pictures are the ultimate family portraits, real and truly loving. And, the decor is so spectacular, unfussy, and so cozy.

pics from WWD

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dance, Dance Till Your Dead

(asos romper, Target tights)

Seychelles boots

My friends Frank and Karen came in town and that meant having an impromtu dance party to Fever Ray, Peaches, Missy Elliot,  The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs,  and many more! We danced like fools and as a result the dance floor literally glittered with broken glass from slippery drink glasses and clumbsy fingers. These boots have a high heel, but they are so comfortable and perfect for dancing. I must admit, I am a horrible dancer, but when I get the urge I love to dance and I don't care how ridiculous I look!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Kids

I have always known who Patti Smith is.  I know that she is a musician, poet, artist, etc and recently in the past few years I've read that she is also a fashion icon and genius. So, I get it. Patti Smith is a fucking big deal. Even after knowing all of this, she never had appealed to me and I never had any real interest in exploring her life or her work. One morning ,just a few months ago, all of my thoughts and lack of feelings  towards her changed.  
I was lost and running late for something important. Frustrated, I turned up the radio and Patti Smith herself was giving an interview on NPR promoting her new memoir, "Just Kids". Patti eloquently informed me that she had written her book to tell the love story of her and her best friend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. They met at nineteen and from that point on she tells tales of them running around NYC, exploring and creating in the late 60's and 70's. Within those five minutes she had me hooked. I was completely intrigued and curious and I decided to finally give in to Patti .  So now I have started "Just Kids" and after reading this description inside the cover, I am looking forward to literary magic!
It was the summer Coltrane died, the summer of love and riots, and the summer when a chance encounter in Brooklyn led two young people on a path of art, devotion, and initiation. Patti Smith would evolve as a poet and performer, and Robert Mapplethorpe would direct his highly provocative style toward photography. Bound in innocence and enthusiasm, they traversed the city from Coney Island to Forty-second Street, and eventually to the celebrated round table of Max's Kansas City, where the Andy Warhol contingent held court. In 1969, the pair set up camp at the Hotel Chelsea and soon entered a community of the famous and infamous—the influential artists of the day and the colorful fringe. It was a time of heightened awareness, when the worlds of poetry, rock and roll, art, and sexual politics were colliding and exploding. In this milieu, two kids made a pact to take care of each other. Scrappy, romantic, committed to create, and fueled by their mutual dreams and drives, they would prod and provide for one another during the hungry years. Just Kids begins as a love story and ends as an elegy. It serves as a salute to New York City during the late sixties and seventies and to its rich and poor, its hustlers and hellions. A true fable, it is a portrait of two young artists' ascent, a prelude to fame.

 photos from Google Images

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Brian Atwood



Giles Deacon


My Mom got me this wonderful book for Christmas a few years ago. It is crammed full of inspirational images and stories and I thought I would share a few of its glorious photos.  The book is SAMPLE: 100 Fashion Designers-10 Curators-Cuttings from Contemporary Fashion.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can Smell Summer

Just ate some strawberry pie made by Mom, and nothing says summer like strawberry pie and this picture. Mark my words, I will have a leopard bikini this summer. I had no luck finding the perfect one last summer, but I have a feeling this time will be different! And once I have said bikini I will lounge, just like this lovely lady, with my oriental umbrella next to my pool. Unfortunately, there will be no beach trip this summer so the pool will have to do!

(pic from spanish moss vintage blog)

Before and After My Chairs



I have always wanted a Louis XVI style chair, and last summer I was lucky enough to find a pair for an amazing price at an estate sale. Unfortunately, maroonish red is not my color and would not fit in with my decor, so I knew I wanted to get them re-upholstered in a lighter blue.  I found the perfect blue crushed velvet and took them to my incredible old, and sweet upholsteror, who is unbelieveably affordable! Jimmy thought they might would look cool with off white trim and he was so very right!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

She's my Rushmore.

Boy, oh boy I have been one sick puppy lately! Strep throat, bad sushi, and there is a thick yellow layer of pollen covering every single surface outside of my door. Before I was taken ill I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to see the Criterion Collection version of Rushmore on the big screen. I have always loved this movie, and I have seen it many times, but after seeing it on the big screen, I must say what a perfect movie! I mean it is a flawless piece of work. If you haven't watched it in a while, give yourself a treat and if you haven't seen it at all, well  then I just don't know what to say to you.