Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Been A While. Check Out Gia Coppola's Palo Alto

I can't help but get pumped up for anything a Coppola does. When you throw in James Franco, Val Kilmer's offspring and original music from Dev Hynes you know it's going to be a gem!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pharrell Has A Chanel Rosary That You Will Never Have

This necklace was the closest thing I found to a Chanel rosary
Chanel rosary garter tattoos  from Spring 10'

Growing up Catholic, I lived in a pretty lax household. My Mom did not enforce any sort of strict  Virgin Suicides discipline and I was raised to love gays and embrace birth control. That being said there was one no-no that my Mom did embed in my brain "Rosaries are not fashion accessories!". Rosaries are undoubtedly gorgeous and do look beautiful with some ensembles, but I have never been tempted to wear one myself until last night. I was browsing @emilywweiss on Instagram when I came across an oldish picture of Pharrell and some seriously lust worthy bling.   A Chanel rosary complete with jade beads and a diamond cross. WHOA! "Gotta have it" and "What is my credit card limit" were my first thoughts followed by "Mother would be appalled!" Well it turns out that Mom will not have to worry about my bank account (like I could afford this anyway) and my soul, because this was custom made for Pharrell.  I haven't lost all hope and I have decided to pen the House of Chanel myself.

Dear Karl,
 I would like to make a request. Could you possibley make a Chanel rosary for the masses (Catholic pun intended). Preferably something simple and under $1,000.00? Although I am 27, I will happily disobey my Mom if you do so. Praise Coco. Amen.

Sincerely Yours,

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

hat-Target, sunglasses-Illesteva, swimsuit top-Adidas by Stella McCartney

Hooray! As much as I loved sporting this Adidas by Stella McCartney swimsuit at total of two times this summer (my paleness keeps me inside) I'm much more excited for blazers, sweaters, and boots. Come on Fall! Bring IT!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Accessorizing With F***


I was browsing the website Domaine Home when I came across a photo featuring beautiful open kitchen shelving and the most magnificent "Fuck Yeah" plate that I have ever seen. Gorgeously crafted and the affordable $25.00 price will literally have you saying "Fuck Yeah!". 
Artistically displaying the F-bomb doesn't have to begin and end in the kitchen. You can also express your feelings silently and delicately on your wrist. Or how about beading a firm FU across your favorite make-up bag? And wouldn't it be so sweet embossed in gold across your stationary? Nothing says "Thank you, I love it!" more than "Fuck Yeah". Now, I know this isn't everyones favorite word, but if James Lipton were ever to interview me on Inside the Actors Studio "Fuck" would easily be the answer to my favorite curse word. Can't help it.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shop the Film: Hannah And Her Sisters


I have been watching Woody Allen's films since my Dad rented Annie Hall for me at the tender age of 12. I mostly watched Leonardo DiCaprio movies back then and I really did not understand why my Dad wanted me to watch it with him. "Why can't we watch Celebrity Dad? Leo is in that one!" At the time my adolesent brain could not comprehend endless talk about serious relationships and sex or the fact that sometimes normal middle age people do coke at parties around the coffee table. For me, it wasn't an instant hit and I went back to watching Titanic as usual. Years later in college, after blossoming into a young woman with good taste in classic cinema, I watched Annie Hall again and finally appreciated it the way my Dad wished I would have when I was 12. Since Annie Hall, I have seen a number of Woody's movies, but never Hannah and Her Sisters. After meaning to see it for years I finally added it to my Netflix queue and watched it a few nights ago. Hailed by many as Woody Allen's best work, Hannah and Her Sisters was pure magic and I can't believe I am saying this, but I may have liked it better than Annie Hall.  There is so much I loved about this movie. I loved Michael Caine's infatuation with Lee and how he wooed her with Bach records and E.E. Cummings poems. I loved how it read like a love letter to NYC showcasing everything beautifully from it's famous architecture to graffti on SoHo walls. I loved the masses of curls and layers upon layers of winter clothes. Most of all I loved the sisters complex relationship and how they always admired and loved each other even through they each had their faults. The movie left me yearning for the sister that my parents failed to give me and wondering if I could bring frizzy hair back.

Puppies And Paisley

 Can you guess who's bare back is behind me?
 In desperate need of a new paint job but I like to show the real me and the real me is usually ungroomed.
Look at my head! I got a new haircut! Thanks Hallie!
I really want to print this image of Rory on a black tee. I truly think he could be hotter than the Givenchy Rottweiler. 

Photo shoot time! I took these a few days ago, because I looked semi-decent (hair could be cleaner). The tee is Jil Sander from last season and it would probably qualify as the most colorful article of clothing I own. I attempted to "toughen" the rainbow bright paisley a bit with Vince leather shorts and a ferocious dog. Did I succeed? The white heels are Manolo Blahnik and have become my go to summer shoe and I fully intend to use them throughout the year as a "winter white" accessory.  My friend mentioned that the were very 90's and I took that as a compliment even though I snapped back "White heels are everything this summer!" (I didn't actually say it aloud, but I thought it would be a fitting comeback). I bought the shoes used for an amazing price at The Real Real and they came into my possession looking practically brand new! Go check out The Real Real, but I am warning you now once you go you won't stop.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Totally Into It

The styling, the hair, the make-up, the brows, the jewelry, the Balenciaga look on the cover! Yep, totally into it all.