Saturday, August 24, 2013

Puppies And Paisley

 Can you guess who's bare back is behind me?
 In desperate need of a new paint job but I like to show the real me and the real me is usually ungroomed.
Look at my head! I got a new haircut! Thanks Hallie!
I really want to print this image of Rory on a black tee. I truly think he could be hotter than the Givenchy Rottweiler. 

Photo shoot time! I took these a few days ago, because I looked semi-decent (hair could be cleaner). The tee is Jil Sander from last season and it would probably qualify as the most colorful article of clothing I own. I attempted to "toughen" the rainbow bright paisley a bit with Vince leather shorts and a ferocious dog. Did I succeed? The white heels are Manolo Blahnik and have become my go to summer shoe and I fully intend to use them throughout the year as a "winter white" accessory.  My friend mentioned that the were very 90's and I took that as a compliment even though I snapped back "White heels are everything this summer!" (I didn't actually say it aloud, but I thought it would be a fitting comeback). I bought the shoes used for an amazing price at The Real Real and they came into my possession looking practically brand new! Go check out The Real Real, but I am warning you now once you go you won't stop.

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