Saturday, August 31, 2013

Accessorizing With F***


I was browsing the website Domaine Home when I came across a photo featuring beautiful open kitchen shelving and the most magnificent "Fuck Yeah" plate that I have ever seen. Gorgeously crafted and the affordable $25.00 price will literally have you saying "Fuck Yeah!". 
Artistically displaying the F-bomb doesn't have to begin and end in the kitchen. You can also express your feelings silently and delicately on your wrist. Or how about beading a firm FU across your favorite make-up bag? And wouldn't it be so sweet embossed in gold across your stationary? Nothing says "Thank you, I love it!" more than "Fuck Yeah". Now, I know this isn't everyones favorite word, but if James Lipton were ever to interview me on Inside the Actors Studio "Fuck" would easily be the answer to my favorite curse word. Can't help it.

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