Monday, February 27, 2012

Ms. Dunst Monday

pics from Vogue Italia

Was it just me, or was last nights Oscar fashion really underwhelming? I mean, did anyone even attempt to take one ounce of a risk. Don't get me wrong, the ladies looked very beautiful, but the wow factor was non-exsistant. On a more exciting note, congrats to my neighbor and Best Animated Short winner, Bill Joyce!  Check out his amazing creation here. Go Shreveport!!!

Now, on to the pics. Kirsten Dunst in Italian Vogue. Perhaps the most gorgeous fashion shoot I have ever seen.  Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dark Angels

So Fashion Week (well, weeks) is in full swing, traveling from New York to London to Milan and then on to Paris. I've been scouring for days and days picking out my favorite pieces from the hundreds of designers. It's pretty much like doing research to discover the best of what will be out there this Fall, and this is definitely the kind of research that I actually like doing.  But with this abundance of fashion, it's actually been hard for me to get a way from the computer and after this post I am banning myself for some time so I can enjoy my Saturday in the real world.  I have all my FW Fall '12 favorites on my Pinterest, if you want to take a peek and above I had to share this sheer heaven from Gucci. Isn't this amazing. The models look like delicate, goth goddesses, if that makes any sense at all. All I know is that if I could get my hands on anyone of these gowns, I'd wear it everyday for the rest of my life! Honest, I swear!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras! Let's Pardi!

T.Rex Arms!
Blazer-Zara, dress-vintage, ring-YSL, bracelets-random discount store, shoes-DIY Aldo's

Happy Fat Tuesday people! This past Friday, I went to the Highland Ball where fun was had by all. This is practically the only time  that I ever get to wear a formal, so I took full advantage, wearing a gold dress I got for $5.00 from an estate sale. The dress is really three pieces, a top, skirt, and some kind of cape thing that I tied around my waist to create the illusion of one complete dress. 
If you don't live in the South, Mardi Gras is basically two weeks of craziness in New Orleans.  I live in north LA, so our version of Mardi Gras is way tamer. Three parades and a few balls. Still, a very good time, and yes that is a cold Taco Bell taco that was thrown from a float at the Highland parade. And of course I ate it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Kitty

images by Tommy Ton from

My favorite animal has been a big hit at NY Fashion Week, adorning the chests of the industries most stylish darlings. What a purrrfect idea for a t-shirt DIY, or better yet check out Grandma's closet. She may have some long lost kitty sweat-shirts for the taking. MEOW!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love You Nate Berkus!

Nate's former Chicago apartment

images from Nate and Brian Atwood's Milan home

images from a Florida home designed by Nate

Shame on me for just now discovering the Nate Berkus show this Fall! I somehow missed the previous season, but now I faithfully record his show daily and then settle down for Nate marathons on the weekends. Sadly, these marathons will end in May, because I just found out that the show is being canceled. Oprah, can't you do something about this!!!  Thank God, for the internet so we can forever enjoy the design perfection that Nate creates. The best mix of mid-century, traditional, modern, new, vintage, high, low, masculine, and feminine all living in sweet harmony. Also, take notice of those pops of bright yellow. Love!

images from Elle Decor

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Discount Delights

While most people are wrapped up with football tonight, I'd like to focus on one of my favorite pastimes, the sport of bargain hunting!  Two weekends ago I scored big finding a horse head book end for $20 and four Vera Wang Wedgewood teacups for $10 a piece at TJ Maxx. Then, I headed over to Marshalls and found the most adorable stationary for $6 and $4.  Did I really need this stuff, well no, but isn't it all adorable? So adorable in fact that I thought each item would fit very nicely in a Caitlin Mcgauley painting. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snake Below the Garden

blazer- Zara, blouse -Gap, jeans- BDG, heels- Proenza Schouler

It sure has been a long time since an outfit post, hasn't it!  I'd like to do more of them but 1. The timing, scenery, lighting, mood, etc. is not always right. 2. I don't always have someone handy to take the picture. 3. I'm really awkward at posing. I mean really. Like Liz Lemon when she was posing for her "Deal Breakers" promo awkward.  I will try to get better I promise. 
I added this blazer to my collection of five, because you can never have to many.  I'm loving the floral prints this season, and it's fun to wear a literal interpretation of the upcoming Spring season. On my feet are a Christmas present I picked up for myself at the Barney's sale. Snakeprint, lace-up, peep-toe booties! I couldn't resist!!!!