Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snake Below the Garden

blazer- Zara, blouse -Gap, jeans- BDG, heels- Proenza Schouler

It sure has been a long time since an outfit post, hasn't it!  I'd like to do more of them but 1. The timing, scenery, lighting, mood, etc. is not always right. 2. I don't always have someone handy to take the picture. 3. I'm really awkward at posing. I mean really. Like Liz Lemon when she was posing for her "Deal Breakers" promo awkward.  I will try to get better I promise. 
I added this blazer to my collection of five, because you can never have to many.  I'm loving the floral prints this season, and it's fun to wear a literal interpretation of the upcoming Spring season. On my feet are a Christmas present I picked up for myself at the Barney's sale. Snakeprint, lace-up, peep-toe booties! I couldn't resist!!!!


  1. fabulous shoes and jacket! you look amazing. :)

    enjoy your wknd!

  2. you look stunning as always! would be my personal stylist?