Saturday, January 28, 2012

Office Inspiration

For sometime now I have been wanting to properly decorate my office/craft room/dressing room/air mattress-guest bedroom. Yes, that is quite a busy room, and a room serving so many purposes is very hard to keep pretty and organized. As you may have guessed this room is a disaster with piles of clothes, paper, and totally random stuff. Oh, and may I add, this room also houses my husbands school desk, fishing poles, guitar and amp. Oh the joys of having lots of hobbies, and only one extra room! Gradually, I am going to tame and beautify this beast, and I am going to do it all on a microscopic budget. Stay tuned for the progress and note the lovely pics above providing much inspiration for the desk area in my major multi-purpose room.

pics from decor pad and Lonny


  1. i want that bookshelf!!

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  3. wow, i definitely want to have an office like one of these! :)
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  4. LOVE IT!!!!