Thursday, January 12, 2012

New York Highlight Part Trois- Laduree

While I had many NY highlights, this will be the last one I share, because we get it and I gotta move on, yada, yada. I just had to post this one because it's so obnoxiously cutesy. I'm not afraid to admit that I am a sucker for trendy desserts, especially French ones that get written about in Vogue.  As soon as I read about Laduree opening in New York earlier this summer, I made it a must do on my xmas trip.  Laduree is a tiny Parisian jewel box of a macaroon store slightly bigger than my kitchen.  My husband and I, along with almost twenty other people crammed into this little bit of pastel heaven.  So French, so pretty, so girlie, I loved it (and thank you to Jimmy enduring it)! After quite a wait we finally got our six precious macaroons beautifully packaged in a lavender box and tucked into a light green bag.  For me the packaging alone was worth the wait.  We savored our treats on a rock in Central Park and they did taste amazing.  Very tasty and tangy, like bursts of goodness in your mouth.  
So reader, if you are in New York, have twenty bucks (no tax!), a sweet tooth and an hour to kill, go to Laduree and treat yourself to a tiny bit of luxury.


  1. beautiful and delicious-looking, and i love them even more knowing that they are gluten-free!

  2. nice macarons look so yummy and nice pictures !!!

    mind to follow each other?