Monday, June 27, 2011

Adorable App Alert!

Is this not the cutest stationary ever! I created it using the Ipad app featured on 
GADABOUT. The app allows Ipad and Iphone users to send text messages and emails on your very own personal stationary.  After purchasing some worthless apps, I must say that this is an app that I will be using often!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hometown Hero

One of my favorite websites is Laura Day Living, and I would like to personally thank Laura for introducing me to one of my new obsessions, Marilyn Minter.  When viewing Laura's immaculate NYC apartment a few months ago, I was immediately drawn the sprinkle of glitter and freckles featured in the artwork displayed in her dining room.  Being very partial to sparkles and freckles (I'm a red-head) I had to know who made this glorious piece of artwork. I  found many more of Marilyn's somewhat campy, over the top, delightfully saccharin images and I was hooked. After a little research I found out that Minter was  born in my hometown, and I must say that she has to be the coolest person I know from Shreveport, LA. I'm actually surprised that I am just now discovering Minter's work, because now I see her work everywhere from the Gossip Girl set, to last night's episode of Million Dollar Decorators.  I guess everyone wants a taste of her eye candy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Wedding

wedding dress- Notte By Marchesa, heels- Christian Louboutin, reception dress-Theia, dancing shoes-Steve Madden, jeweled headband-Forever 21 necklace, cross stud earrings-Elizabeth and James

Well, it has been about an eternity since I have blogged, but I think that being busy with a wedding is a good excuse! Here are a few tidbits from the wedding, and I will probably share some more here and there.  I must say that when I was a little girl, I didn't dream about having a wedding, but having everyone I loved in one room was the most amazing experience of my life!