Friday, December 30, 2011

New York Highlight Part Un- Meeting...wait for it...THE MANREPELLER!

(ugh blogger, why must you arrange my last 2 pics sideways!!!)

During my recent trip, Vogue and Coach hosted a holiday party at Coach's Flagship store on Madison Ave. How did I go to this party you may wonder. It was simple really, one of my favorite bloggers, The Manrepeller, was hosting and she invited her readers. I called, RSVPed, and then boom I'm drinking champagne in the company of Vogue big wigs. It was really quite something and all very exciting because I got to meet one of my style icons and super big time style blogger Leandra Medine. She was very sweet, admitted to me her obsession with redheads, and liked my southern accent and black, glittery manicure. To top it all off Coach gave everyone a custom monogrammed  hang tag for free (I chose baby-blue embossed with gold BB)!  Oh, and congrats to the Manrepeller who just announced her engagement! A true love is someone who doesn't care what you wear no matter how repelling (or fabulous) it is. Hear that boys!?!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Shame, Shame

Ever since I saw this preview last week, it has been haunting me. Not spooky, scary haunting me, more like it's always lingering in the back of my mind haunting me. I think the music has a lot to do with it. Even when it is presented as cold and depressing, New York is still so appealing. And not to mention sexy! NC-17 sexy!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My husband and I just returned home from an amazing trip to our favorite place, New York! To describe xmas in New York as beautiful is an understatement, the experience was unbelieveable, like a magical fairytale. Here's some of my favorite pics and highlights from the best trip ever.

2. Lady Gaga window at Barney's made completely out of hair
3. Strolling through Greenwich Village
5-9. Pics from the Natural History Museum
10. Sipping pure milk hot chocolate from the adorable chocolate and tea shop, Marie Belle, in Soho
11. Opening Ceremony window at the Ace Hotel 
12. Macaroons at Laduree on Madison Ave.
13. The famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree
14. Sparkly Miu Miu window
15. Jimmy having tea at BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman
16. $25,000 Barbie foosball table at FAO Swartz
18. Elosie themed tree located in the Plaza Hotel, designed by Betsy Johnson
20. The Dakota, setting for Rosemary's Baby and the apartment building where John Lennon lived and died
21. Jimmy and me in front of the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park
22. My favorite Marchesa dress 
23. Window at Bergdorf Goodman 
24. Incredible view from Central Park West

Sunday, December 4, 2011

$30 or Less! Now That's A Steal

Very David Bowie. I couldn't say no.

Borderline stripper shoes, but I love them! And they are quite comfortable.

Mirrored metallic!!!!!

I was so excited to find these because they reminded me of these Alexander Wang beauties.

Love the classic fold over shape in a bright color.

Out of all my button-downs, these are the best fit. Go Old Navy!!! What a pleasant and thrifty surprise!

Chunky and Spiky on my bulletin board. Oh hey Bill!

Just a few bargains I picked up to amp up the winter wardrobe. And, yes I was inspired by The Coveteur  when I took these photos at my house. I couldn't help myself!