Sunday, December 4, 2011

$30 or Less! Now That's A Steal

Very David Bowie. I couldn't say no.

Borderline stripper shoes, but I love them! And they are quite comfortable.

Mirrored metallic!!!!!

I was so excited to find these because they reminded me of these Alexander Wang beauties.

Love the classic fold over shape in a bright color.

Out of all my button-downs, these are the best fit. Go Old Navy!!! What a pleasant and thrifty surprise!

Chunky and Spiky on my bulletin board. Oh hey Bill!

Just a few bargains I picked up to amp up the winter wardrobe. And, yes I was inspired by The Coveteur  when I took these photos at my house. I couldn't help myself!


  1. excellent pics! love the shoes and necklace!!

  2. love the necklace!