Friday, March 30, 2012

BB Phone Home

iPhone cases from Society 6

Iphone users, I really do envy you. You and your abundance of iPhone case choices. You're so spoiled and you probably don't even realize it. Some of you don't even take advantage of all of the wonderful and exciting new cases out there, settling with basic black. As you may have guessed from the above rant, I do not have an iPhone. I don't even have the internet on my phone,which I know is shocking for most of you. I have the most basic, boring, black phone and believe me, they don't make cool cases for my LG. Just when I thought I'd have to live another 2 years with a dullsville phone, I saw this pic on one of my favorite blogs.

The lovely Nicole, of Sketch 42, had this iPhone case customized with a print of one of her own paintings. Genius, and the inspiration for my splatter painted phone cover DIY shown below. Much more exciting than boring grey and it will do until I join the rest of the world and get an iPhone of my own.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flower Power

Top: shirt- Mary Katrantzou for Topshop,necklace-Forever21, wax jeans-Zara, bag-ASOS, shoes-Levity
Bottom: shirt-Zara, necklace-vintage, jeans-Gap, bag-Alexander Wang, shoes-Miu Miu

Friday, March 23, 2012



 Can't wait to see Girls, April 15th on HBO. If you haven't already, check out Tiny Furniture. Soooooo good!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Celine Floral Bra

Celine Resort 2012

Caroline Sieber from Google Images
For Spring 2012, it seems like the rules as we know them have been thrown out the window. Pajamas as daywear is one of my favorite new looks, leading to a few confused looks when I wear my leopard silk pj pants with a blazer for a night out ( I don't live in a very fashion-forward town). Another rebellious trend I love is underwear as outerwear, and for me no one did it better than Celine. The perfect bra in floral brocade, has been on my mind since I first viewed their Resort 2012 collection. I love it paired with it's matching blazer and I think it looks equally alluring paired with a black blazer and skirt as Caroline Sieber did. Jewelry designer, Gaia Repossi likes the bra so much that she had it featured twice in her Coveteur shoot. Can you blame her? If I was lucky enough to have this bra, I'd hang it over my mantle!

Monday, March 12, 2012

What A Find!!!!

I am in love with this living room featured in Elle Decor. So elegant, so glamourous, and the best thing about this room for me is the end table and I will tell you why! I have been looking for something to serve as a sideboard for my dining room for some months now. I wanted something sleek and made of wood. Ideally, I wanted vintage, but everything I found was way out of my price range. I figured that I would eventually have to settle with something that I didn't love.  A few weekends ago I went to a seemingly uneventful estate sale on a whim before work, and jackpot! A nine drawer burl wood dresser that is exactly like the above end table. EXACTLY!!!!! Perfect size for my dining room and I was just lusting over this Johnathan Adler console the day before. And now for the best cost me...$15.00!!!!! I nearly shit my pants out of excitement! And then a few weeks later, I see it's little friend in this pic. Truly the best estate sale find ever, and I have found some great stuff. I plan to show a picture when I style it better. The gallery wall of frames above it is not working for me, so when I find the perfect image to blow-up and hang above it, I will share. Until then, hit up those estate sales like crazy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Week Freshman-A Look At Theia

pics from WWD

Theia's Creative Director, Don O'Neill

A few of my favorite gals, Hallie and Aubre, who did hair and make-up for the Theia luncheon, me, and Deanna
dress-Calvin Klein, necklace-Forever 21, clutch-American Apparel

Don O'Neill, Creative Director of the line Theia, unveiled his Fall 2012 collection on the runway for the first time at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews and a standing ovation.  I had the pleasure of meeting Don at a party earlier this Fall when he came to the Shreveport boutique Knox Goodman ,where Theia is sold, to show his collections at the store's anniversary luncheon. Don was extremely sweet, social, and for me it was a dream to meet someone who has worked with the one and only Christian Lacroix. Meeting Don was also a bit sentimental for me, because I wore one of his dresses to my wedding reception  and I will treasure it forever. Theia's creations are wearable works of art, so intricately designed with beautiful details making them perfect for the red-carpet or any glamourous event. That being said, I am sure we will be seeing much more of Theia. For more information on Don and Theia read here.