Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love You Nate Berkus!

Nate's former Chicago apartment

images from Nate and Brian Atwood's Milan home

images from a Florida home designed by Nate

Shame on me for just now discovering the Nate Berkus show this Fall! I somehow missed the previous season, but now I faithfully record his show daily and then settle down for Nate marathons on the weekends. Sadly, these marathons will end in May, because I just found out that the show is being canceled. Oprah, can't you do something about this!!!  Thank God, for the internet so we can forever enjoy the design perfection that Nate creates. The best mix of mid-century, traditional, modern, new, vintage, high, low, masculine, and feminine all living in sweet harmony. Also, take notice of those pops of bright yellow. Love!

images from Elle Decor

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  1. wow! i love the flooring. and everything else.