Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dark Angels

So Fashion Week (well, weeks) is in full swing, traveling from New York to London to Milan and then on to Paris. I've been scouring for days and days picking out my favorite pieces from the hundreds of designers. It's pretty much like doing research to discover the best of what will be out there this Fall, and this is definitely the kind of research that I actually like doing.  But with this abundance of fashion, it's actually been hard for me to get a way from the computer and after this post I am banning myself for some time so I can enjoy my Saturday in the real world.  I have all my FW Fall '12 favorites on my Pinterest, if you want to take a peek and above I had to share this sheer heaven from Gucci. Isn't this amazing. The models look like delicate, goth goddesses, if that makes any sense at all. All I know is that if I could get my hands on anyone of these gowns, I'd wear it everyday for the rest of my life! Honest, I swear!

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