Tuesday, January 5, 2010

in the wrong hands

Today something horrible happened. At approximately 8 am I was in the parking lot at an elementary school reporting for sub duty. As I got out of my car I checked the time on my phone and proceeded to walk across school grounds. Some three minutes later I was signing in to sub and when I went to retrieve my phone it was nowhere to be found. I checked and rechecked all bags over and over. During lunch and enrichment I retraced my steps of the small trek I took from my car to the school office over and over again. I barely had time to finish my leftover lemongrass tofu! As the day went on I felt as a part of me was gone. I never realized that my little blackberry is more important to me than my left hand. I went to a dark place of emptiness and despair. The children's eyes didn't seem to sparkle like they used to, writing on the dry erase board didn't excite me anymore, I was numb. I began to fear the worse. After re walking that tiny path for the fifth time I began to think that I may I have gone mad. Did I really have my phone when I got out of my car in the parking lot as I clearly remembered or was it all some false hope I had conjured in my head. After school I walked the path a final time. Nothing. I went home thinking of the hassle of getting a new phone. After the 7 grueling hours my mother called. A kindergartners Dad had my phone and he was returning it to the school office. When I had gotten back the phone I saw that someone had gone through my texts from the past two weeks. There were some texts joking of date rapes and child labor that I discussed with Amelia. My hope is that kindergartners can't read yet. And the phone smelled like Cheetos.

I think a salmon Karl Lagerfield leather romper is exactly what I need after the day I had!


  1. You didn't tell me all this at Pilates! I'm glad you got your phone back.

  2. i looooove that romper, but i hate the smell of cheetos. glad you got your phone back.