Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pink Party

pics from Vogue and Pinterest

Since birth, pink has been my favorite color. My old Blackberry was pink, my trusty water bottle is pink along with my iPad case, yoga mat, wallet, key chain, make-up bag etc. I tend to always choose pink, EXCEPT when it comes to clothing and decorating. For me, I think that there is a fine art to using pink, with out going to overboard resulting in a girlie, childish look. Above are some of my favorite examples of good pink. The perfect shades and just the right amount.  I am slowly and carefully incorporating some pink in my life. Givenchy's near perfect Spring 12' show inspired me to add a ballet slipper pink blazer to my wardrobe, and I found a beautiful pink keepsake box for one of my living room shelves. Just a little bit at a time.

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