Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Around My House

This summer I scored some really great items to spruce up the ole house, all together costing less than $30.00! 
1.The ultimate trash to treasure find! I was driving in my neighborhood when this lucite bookshelf on the side of the road caught my eye. Feeling like it was to good to be true, I made an abrupt U-turn to check out the shelf, thinking it must be made of flimsy plastic. Upon closer inspection I found that it was made of thick acrylic and in great shape. It just needed to be cleaned up a bit and it's new home is in my living room, replacing a small Target bookshelf that wasn't working for me. 
2. This tiny mirrored compact now sits on my vanity. I got it from an estate sale for $4.00, and I am guessing it is from the 50's. I feel in love the color and the old-fashioned thick-cut confetti glitter. It also reminded with me the latest Edie Parker collection.
3. & 4. I made this panel to go above my mantle. I hated the blank space behind my TV, so I stapled together sheets of foam board and originally covered it with wrapping paper. You can see the before panel in this post. I was over the yellow birds, plus the paper had air bubbles, so I finally re-covered it with a marble fabric I found on sale for $10.00 a yard. I'm not as crazy about it as I thought I would be, but it works for now.
5. & 6. I found this scrap leopard fabric at an estate sale for $2.50. I am going to use it to make throw pillows for my living room.
7. & 8. I had seen about 10 rolls of this snake print wrapping paper at T.J. Maxx, but passed on it because I have a ton of wrapping paper that barely gets used. After looking through some saved pics I came across the adorable snake print table shown above. I have always loved this table and I suddenly remembered the snake paper I had passed on months ago. I went back, thinking is was hopeless, and found one roll left. It was meant to be and now I will be on the hunt for a tiny table to decoupage with the paper.