Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sylvie's Vintage Inspired Nursery

Is anyone else getting a Virgin Suicides' vibe from this nursery? Pure magic! 

Photo by family friend John Mackey

Artwork created by Mom

Customized pendant lamp

 Sylvie's wardrobe, including lots of vintage pieces, make me wish I was a baby again. Older brother, Abraham, has his own incredible wardrobe and I swear he is the best dressed little boy I have ever seen!

 Watercolor family portrait of Mom, Dad, and big brother by Nick Norwood

Baby Sylvie happily sleeping!

Here is a glimpse into the new world of Sylvia Ruby West, born just this past September. This dreamy nursery was artfully designed, crafted, and created by Sylvie's mommy Allison.  Allison is an artist, hairstylist, and owner of an extensive collection of vintage decor, furniture, and clothing. Going to her house is literally like stepping into the past, and I always love to wander around and check out her ever-growing collection of antique goodies and artwork created by herself and friends. 
What I love most about Sylvie's nursery is how personal it is. Everything in her room was carefully collected, salvaged, and handmade with love.  The walls are covered with artwork created by Mommy and family friends, her wardrobe is filled with vintage pieces collected by Grandma and Auntie, and Mommy and Daddy (a carpenter and musician) brought an old dresser and armoire back to life with playful fruit designs straight out of the 70's.
Baby and family are doing well, and I can't wait to watch Sylvie grow up with her equally adorable big brother Abraham!

P.S. If you need even pics to satisfy your newborn baby girl fix, stay tuned for pics from my friend Rachel's baby shower for her new baby Violet, born last week! 

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