Saturday, November 17, 2012

Budget Friendly Over-dyed Rugs

ABC Home and Carpet


Last weekend I was doing some DVR catch up, and saw a beautiful turquoise over-dyed rug on an episode of Home By Novogratz.  I love old vintage rugs, but sometimes they are way to traditional for my taste. Seeing them come to life in these bright, contemporary colors was so invigorating for my Sunday afternoon and I had to research, and research I did. ABC Home & Carpet carries a ton of these beauties, but they would cost me about two months rent, so they are a no go. Upon further searching I came across a really cool store, Loom, located in Australia. I liked these rugs even more than the ABC ones, but their prices were not listed and it is safe to say that shipping from down under costs about three months of rent. I was about to surrender to the fact that these rugs were out of my reach, until came to the rescue. A rainbow of over-dyed 8'x10" rugs for $399.00! They're not vintage like the others, but if they look as good as they do in the pictures, I could care less.


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