Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Photos of Lovely Things

-Sunday night, sitting around in a party dress with nowhere to go.
-These shoes were originally light pink and they practically looked invisible on my pale little feet. Decided to make them stand out with purple glitter.
- I worked on these three photos with my boyfriend Jimmy. The series is called "Hello Lover".
- "A Man and A Woman in Technicolor"
-Hooray, my first art show!!!
-My pink cactus is the perfect plant, it's adorable and never needs water!
- The ultimate Goodwill score: Brand New Pradas for $3.50! I will never be that lucky ever again.
-Aubre and I playing in the country.


  1. love the tattoo on your foot!

  2. Those are quite lovely things - especially the pic of you sucking your thumb. ;)

    I love that dress -- have I seen it before?

  3. love you, love the photos in trees! really quite lovely things....can't believe you scored those shoes for 3$. i wear a size 7 in case you ever think of me :) xoxoxoxox