Monday, September 20, 2010


I don't know about you, but nothing delights me more than receiving a thank you note or a post card in the mail rather than irritating bills and worthless coupons.  When it comes to this enjoyable mail I get a thrill out of giving as much as receiving.  It is one of my personal rules to to always send thank you notes, but unfortunately the cutest stationary tends to be a little on the pricey side.  My solution to this problem is to simply make my own.  For the above cards I made my monogram on Microsoft Word and got the background  pictures from magazine ads and  I hand cut and pasted the template for the cards and Xeroxed them at Kinko's.  It was pretty easy, but I do need to work on my cutting skills.  I use a Martha Stewart paper cutter, but the lines of the initials and the edges of the card don't line up exactly and that kind of bothers me.  Oh well, I will keep on creating and work on my precision. 

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