Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello Again!

Boy, it has been a while since my last entry, partly because I have been busy, and partly because my computer has gone cookoo. A few weeks ago it randomly crashed, and I nearly panicked because I thought that I may  have lost about five years worth of music and pictures.  Fortunately, it came back on but then it blacked out a few more times. Since then  I have been scared to touch it for fear that it may  actually die and I will be left with nothing.  So  for now until I get a new computer  I will have to make due using other computers.  I'm really quite bummed by it because I'd  much rather be spending that money on building my fall wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobes, because of my complications, I haven't even been able to check out the coverage of Fashion Week. This weekend I plan to devote an entire evening to viewing the collections and  hopefully soon I can show my favorite picks.  Until then, please enjoy these photos from one of my favorite online mega sites, ASOS.  Their first ad campaign features the models in their own personal spaces shot by Todd Selby. Pretty brilliant, don't you think?

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