Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Sookie, Sookie

Alexander McQueen

 Herve L. Leroux

Stella McCartney

Proenza Schouler

So in the past month or so my boyfriend and I have become majorly obsessed with True Blood.  Night after night we spend hours at my parents house viewing as much as we can on OnDemand trying to catch up to the third season. Currently we are three episodes away from the end of season 2 and I find myself daydreaming about what is going to happen next to Sookie,Vampire Bill, and of course my favorite Vampire Eric. Although it is ridiculous I think my boyfriend may be a little jealous of my affection for Vampire Eric. Last year, I actually was standing right next to Alexander Skarsgard getting frozen yogurt. He was filming a movie in my town, and only after we left did my boyfriend tell me who he was. I didn't watch True Blood then and I just remember him being very tall. I'd give anything to relive that day knowing what I do now.

All that aside Anna Paquin has really turned out in some show stoppers this past year. I think the Emmys are coming up and I can't wait to see what she will dazzle in next!


  1. i can't believe you were standing next to vampire eric and didn't know it. omfg. funny that jims didn't tell you ;) season 3 is sooooo good, i can't wait til you guys catch up and we can talk about it!

  2. wow she looks great! i remember watching her as a kid in that movie with the birds...anyone remember that one?

  3. FINALLY. Eric is the best. I can't wait until you get past the total shit that is season two and start with season three (which is about to be over). IT IS SO GOOD.

  4. Omg, you never told me you stood next to him and got yogurt!! Well, maybe you did, and I just forgot. I'm jealous, anyway though. Is it wrong to say the gap in her teeth bothers me? It does.

  5. Also, how is it that you see/meet every famous person that strolls through our city? Oh, Alexander Skarsgard at Counter Culture and Liv Tyler at Sunshine and so on and so on. Kevin Sorbo at Noble Savage (prob my fave story LOL)

    Ugh. I have met/seen noone. It's not like I'd talk to them if I saw them, but a covert spotting would be fun now and again...