Friday, April 13, 2012

3 Exciting Things, the go to website for all things fashion, released the first edition of their new print magazine in late 2011. While all other fashion mags are just now covering Spring 12', Style was on top of things  releasing their Spring 12' coverage promptly after the last cat-walk was strutted. I read through the entire magazine on a stop to B&N last winter and for some crazy reason I did not buy my own copy.  Weeks later I was feeling pangs of regret for not snatching the issue up and when I returned to finally claim one they were sadly sold out.  Luckily for this girl, the issue was re-released this Spring! Now, I am looking forward for the Fall 12' issue which should be out very soon.
*Update- The Fall 12' issue is out now. Go get it!

2. My friend Deanna, a Dior make-up fiend, turned me on to this new Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Black Tie. I had to get some of my own and it is my new go-to lipstick. It goes on smoothly and creates a deep wine hue and later fades into a pretty berry stain. I love how long it lasts and the versatility of the color.

3. Stella McCartney makes the most beautiful pair of pointy toe, patent sling backs, which I have pictured bottom right.  Gorgeous yes, but way out of my price range.  Fashion luck again was on my side when I was causually browsing DSW with a friend and spied a pair of heels in practically the exact same style. They are pretty much dead-on and for $35.00, I am happily squeezing my toes in the last pair available, size  5 1/2!  Maybe one day I can afford a pair of Stella's on my own, but until then, these will do.

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  1. I love Dior cosmetics! Hollywood Rose lipstick and DiorShow mascara can beat everything else:) It truly is addictive (in all the right ways) xxx