Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hot Mamas and Cool Nurseys

This post was inspired by one of my very best friends, Rachel, who just announced that she is having her first baby. I have to admit, I was in shock when she first gave me the news because even though we are both technically grown-ups (we're 26 and married) I feel like we are  practically still babies ourselves! Besides the momentary shock, I am very excited for her and I can't wait to meet Baby O.   If and when Rachel refuses to get out of her pregnant lady sweat pants, I am going to refer her back to these photos of two of my favorite stylish women, mama Miroslava Duma, and mama-to-be, Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Can you believe how amazing they look even when they are about to pop. If being pregnant means looking that good, then sign me up! JK.  The hip and modern nurseries  pictured are from my pre pinterest days, so unfortunately I do not have the links. Great inspiration for Baby O's little lair.

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