Monday, June 11, 2012

What They Wear And Where They Live: Genevieve Jones

I am very happy to share with you one very stylish Louisiana native, jewelry designer and girl-about-town, Genevieve Jones. Using a fun array of bright hues and prints, Jones craftly creates the perfect party ensemble and by the looks of her New York City apartment, she follows the same rules when decorating. I love the open airiness of her place and how it is scattered with sentimental items, treasures from travels, and playful touches. I believe every home should contain these elements.  Check out Genevieve's website to find her amazing jewelry and bags. Her designs feature a glamourous mix of vintage, boho, raw, and a touch of punk (hello diamond studded safety pin earrings!). Random grouping, yes, but it totally works and I would die to have every piece in my jewelry box!