Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rory Glitter Paw's Shopping List

Our new little family!

This past month my husband and I did something I thought we would never do. We agreed on a dog. For us this was quite the accomplishment and without a little fate and happy circumstances, I don't think this would  have ever happened. 
First of all, let me start by saying something that may shock you. I am not a dog person, and I am not a fan of most of the dogs I meet. I almost feel that saying this is the same as saying "I don't like your baby", because of the reaction I get from most of the dog lovers in this world. I really can't help it that I don't like bad smells, my things chewed, fur everywhere, and slobber. The worst part is that I truly believe that dogs sense my dislike for them and they taunt me by barreling me down and licking me whenever possible. This, to me, is not enduring and I hate it! 
My husband, on the other hand, loves dogs and the bigger the better. As much as he wanted one I told him that I, not being a "dog person", would be miserable with a big dog and I would hold anything that the dog did against him forever. 
My cold heart finally started to warm up towards the idea of a dog when Rudy came into my life. Rudy is a dashing dachshund my friend Aubre found collar less on the side of a country road. She took him in and he has been the best dog ever. I truly love Rudy and for years now my husband and I keep him whenever Aubre goes out of town. Because of Rudy, I began to think that I may could have a dog of my own if it was small of course like Rudy. Now I found a dog I could live with, but my husband became the weary one declaring that small dogs are yappy and bratty with Rudy being the exception. 
Rudy really must have worked his magic on his last stay with us, because after he left my husband finally agreed that we could find our own Rudy.
We weren't actively looking for a dog, but my friend knew we were interested and she told us that she knew of an abandoned chihuahua-dachshund mix that needed a home. The dogs rescuer kindly allowed us to  give the dog a test drive and after a few hours we knew he was perfect! 
Rory "Glitter Paw" Baucum-Parrish doesn't bark or shed much and he is practically potty-trained. Although he is small, he is tough enough for my big dog loving husband, and we are both obsessed with him! 
I know this post is a bit long for me, but I really think there is a dog out there for everyone. Even if you are not a "dog-person".

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  1. I love that doggie-raptor costume! I wonder if it comes in pit bull size.