Saturday, February 23, 2013

Marc Jacobs Fall RTW: What A Difference A Year Makes

If I had to jump into the brilliant, but sometimes crazy, mind of Marc Jacobs I would have to guess that this was the inspiration formula for his Fall 2012 collection: Dirty Mary Poppins, funky pilgrims, and a hat so awful that only Pamela Anderson would wear it. It all equaled a sloppy and confusing mess (for me at least, or am I taking crazy pills, because I hated it all so much!). Thank God, Marc got the equation so right for Fall 2013. Edie Sedgwick-esqe hair and make-up, Pillow Talk glam brought in by a formal take on sleepwear, and a wardrobe worthy of Julianne Moore's character in A Single Man added up to Fashion Perfection. What a difference a year makes.

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