Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jewels That Look Designer At ASOS

2. Lace Cat Ears $16.95
5. Jumbo ID Necklace $25.43
6. Smooth Rings $13.56
7. Heart Pinky Ring $8.48

Is that from Catbird? Nope. Dannijo? Guess again. Ok, it's Fallon! Notta. Those sexy kitty ears, Mimi Holliday, right? Wrong.  Oh, no you didn't just get those Balenciaga stunners! I didn't. Tired of guessing where these delicious jewel came from? Well, if the post title and collage didn't give you a hint, it's ASOS.

I was very impressed by ASOS's spring jewelry collection and you can tell that the ASOS team drew a lot of inspiration from the hottest jewelry designers. I love the designer stuff as much as the next girl, but this collection is more budget friendly.

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