Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can you believe it!

The Saints winning the Super Bowl is the most magical thing that has ever happened in sports history! I don't even like sports, I actually despise them, but I have always pulled for the Saints because my Dad has a been a devoted fan even when they would lose year after year after year. What a true underdog story and no city deserves this more than New Orleans. I was also excited because it was an opportunity to dress in gold lame and sequins. I scoured Goodwill for something real flashy, and ended up finding nothing, but luckily for me I remembered my black and gold sequined French Connection dress. I made a headband to go with my ensemble and I had to whip up a shirt with stencils and gold spray paint at the last minute for Jimmy. He decided to look for a jersey the day before the game, which was not the best idea. After the game Jimmy, Rachel, James and I went to Academy to buy Super Bowl shirts. I was so ecstatic that I didn't even mind waiting in line for and hour and a half in 4 in heels!
- all dressed up for the game
- Jimmy had the blow doll his sister gave him by his side at all times
- Me, Rachel, and Melissa doing the "Who Dat" sign

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