Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Now Know

(Jacket-Topshop, Dress- Forever 21)

This past weekend I saw The Crippled Master, my first kung fu movie, at B-Movie Blast.  It was pretty insane and really poorly overdubbed featuring a master missing his arms combining forces with a master missing his legs. It was entertaining for the first half, but then I started to fall asleep. Too much fighting for me.  Afterwards, I went out for the first time  in months, had an enjoyable time, and an inpromptu back storageroom photoshoot!  I love this dress I am wearing because it reminds me of a figure skating costume with it's nude, sheer neckline. Of course, my pale, pale skin color does not come close to matching it, so it is very obvious. The rest of the weekend constisted of failed estate sale shopping, sushi, crafts, and catching up on Twin Peaks.  I now know who killed Laura Palmer!

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