Friday, April 26, 2013

Ariel Pink Models For Saint Laurent, He's So Hawt Right Now

Me, Aubre, Ariel and Frank back in 08'

I, as much of the fashion world, have mixed feelings about this whole Yves Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent  business. Hedi Slimane has created quite a controversy by re-vamping the legendary fashion house after  taking over the label last year. I don't mind the whole grunge, rock, goth vibe and I love that he used "unwholesome" (NYT description, not mine) rock stars Marilyn Manson, Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, and Ariel Pink in the new ads rather than the same old models we constantly see, but everything screams Hedi Slimane and barely whispers classic Laurent. I understand that it is Slimane's creative liberty to make changes, but he has turned the place upside down, even dropping "Yves" which I totally do not agree with.  I think if this was Hedi's own personally label, everyone would be happy and  praise it, but as far YSL goes, if it's not broken why fix it?

Otherwise, go Hedi for using Ariel Pink in his ads! To quote Mugatu (Zoolander 2 in the works is literally the greatest news on the planet) "he's so hawt right now!". Along with his Saint Laurent gig, his song "Life in LA" is being used in the new Celine video. 

The boy has come a long way. In 2008 my friends and I had the privilege to hang out with him back stage at his show in Baton Rouge followed by impromtu swimming with his band at their motel. Ariel declined the swim with us and his band mates, but was very nice. Fun fact: He had on the very same pair of brown clogs that my Mom has been wearing for years. No wonder he is being fawned over by the fashion elite.

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