Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Zara Kids- Clothes I'd Like To Squeeze Into

I do not have a little squirt of my own, but I am embarking on what I like to call the "friends with kids" age (named after a movie I highly recommend). You may be experiencing the same thing. You're in your late twenties and it seems like all the sudden everyone you know is having babies… most even on purpose!  I have never leisurely searched out kid clothes, but with the recent addition of my friends baby, Violet, I have found myself seeking out key pieces to add to her baby wardrobe (I have already gotten her a much needed fur coat). In my search I have found that Zara has the most amazing baby and kid clothes and now I am giddy thinking about future Mommy and me dressing, picturing me and my unconceived baby wearing matching trenches, striped skinny jeans, and leopard pony hair sandals on an errand run.Your child is an extension of yourself, after all. Ahhh, fun thoughts but I will leave the baby-making to my friends for now.


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  2. Love these!!! So cute!!! Violet loves having her Aunt BB shopping for her. I can't wait for you to have babies of your own. Thy will be the most stylish babies in town. :)