Saturday, April 20, 2013

Strike A Pose

 Jane from Sea of Shoes

Rumi from Fashion Toast

Thank Gawd for Leandra from Manrepeller

Le Fashion shows off her clothes without showing off herself

and me
 sunglasses-Illesteva Leonards, jacket-Forever21, pants-Suno

Fashion blogs were a foreign being to me until I accidentally stumbled upon Rumi Neely's Fashion Toast about five years ago. Before this discovery, I was solely relying on magazines for my fashion fixes and while I am still obsessed with print material, discovering blogs opened me up to a whole new world.  Five years ago fashion blogs were not what they are today. Rumi was on the cusp of stardom, but in all she was a normal girl who whole heartedly loved fashion, like myself, and had a great outlet to share her passion with the world. I read Rumi's blog and a few others for about two years before finally gathering the courage to start my own. The main thing that was holding me back was the dreaded outfit posts.  
Here's what's tricky, I am not a model. Not even close and I would look lame as fuck if I tried to be one. In fact I feel like the older I have gotten the worse I have gotten at taking pictures. I can't smize (although I have tried) and the bottom line is trying to look sexy in an interesting location is not me. In saying this I am not trying to put down the editorial style pics posted by girls like Rumi or Jane of  Sea of Shoes. I say if you got it, flaunt it and they definitely have the looks and talents to do so.  This is just not achievable for me, and even though I am reluctant, I still want to share my goods. Clothing goods not body part goods. Don't be dirty.  
So, what to do when you want to show off said goods without "modeling". The answer is simple and it took finding the  Manrepeller to figure it out. Just look normal! Be yourself! Or if your body totally fails to take a decent picture, just feature the outfit a la' Le Fashion . After all, its the clothes that should be the focus, not me. That being said please enjoy my outfit shot taken in my front yard by my non photographer husband and his iPhone.  

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